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What took him so long?

Growing up in wartime St.Helens (where a bomb missed his head by a few yards), Bernie began his career as a teenage singer with a local dance band. This was the first step on the long and winding road that took him to a Royal Variety Show where he reduced our late Queen to tears of laughter and then, after many years of touring, to a standing ovation in Las Vegas.

Bernie takes us along on his hilarious journey, explaining how he failed as a plumber but made it to Beijing as a trombonist. We read about his exploits piloting his ‘Flying Ostrich’ microlight (without a licence) and keeping fit with the odd London marathon… on the back of an ostrich! We also learn of his penchant for practical jokes which helped him keep sane. Having reached 87, he is still performing but doubts he’ll write a sequel, quoting Barry Cryer on the subject of age: “I don’t think that far ahead, I’m not even buying green bananas!”

What a story! Read and enjoy; I know I did!
Johnny Vegas

Bernie is so funny he should come with a health warning
Su Pollard

Buckle-up readers; you’re in for a treat!
Jimmy Cricket

He is, in one word, a ‘genius’”
Joe Pasquale

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I’m delighted to say the reaction to my ‘Voice’ appearance continues to be positive.

Wherever I go the compliments roll in but they’re usually followed by the same question, ‘What made you do it ?'’

Well it’s simple. A few years ago the renowned Tenor and Vocal Coach David Maxwell Anderson, agreed to give me a series of lessons.

As the course progressed I could feel my singing voice, long neglected, beginning to improve. A couple of years later I realised I had to find a way to tell the world I was becoming a proper singer.

I applied to audition under my real name, Bernard Quinn. I didn’t tell my family or my manager in case they tried to talk me out of it. The auditions continued and eventually I found myself singing to an audience of seven million people on BBC 1.

The response has been amazing and I have now released my album, 17 of my favourite songs headed by “The Impossible Dream”

"What a fantastic end to the year !

‘Topping the Bill’ at the Royal Variety Show, The TV Show that is watched by 150 million people around the world An amazing night to walk down to the applause of the worlds biggest Stars including Lady Ga Ga, Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow and Sting, to name but a few.

Ok, it was a wind up but still a surreal experience and one I’ll never forget. Thank you David Walliams”

“Be honest, how many of you thought I was dead?” (Bernie Clifton)

One of the most original comedians around, Bernie’s engaging style and zany, visual humour have made him a star of pantomime, summer season, concert, cabaret, radio and television – as popular now as he was forty years ago

Following an appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe the Guardian wrote…

“Clifton is a certifiable genius…This warm uncynical lunatic in the funny suit is the spiritual father of Vic Reeves, Harry Hill and Johnny Vegas….He’s not just a nutter with a flightless-bird fixation. Au contraire: Clifton is God”.

Born on Merseyside, Bernie’s long time obsession with visual comedy stems from conversations with his mentor Les Dawson

Heeding Dawson’s wise advice, Bernie found continued success both in Cabaret, Theatre and Television to the ultimate high point, being chosen for the Royal Variety Show where the Queen was reported to be crying with laughter as he ran amok aboard his Ostrich. This led to many more TV appearances alongside a burgeoning career in all forms of light entertainment. His time aboard the QE2 took him around the world several times where his visual humour transcended all language barriers.

Bernie was alongside Peter Kay in the ‘Amarillo’ video which went to number one and stayed there for several weeks and he recently hosted a Radio 4 special, I found a Tenor… Richard Tauber Revived, giving him an opportunity to reveal his oft neglected singing talent.

Apart from his weekly ‘Liveish’ show on Radio Sheffield and constant ‘gigging’, he plays trombone with the England Football Band and never misses a chance to take to the skies over his north Derbyshire home in his beloved Microlight.

He is currently finishing his autobiography and assembling material for a forthcoming album

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